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From the tango parlors of Buenos Aires, to the bazaars of Istanbul, to the island paradise of Tahiti, Rudy Maxa’s 12 “Must See” places have captivated travellers for centuries. You will experience vibrant cultures, colourful surroundings, lifestyles, and some of the world’s most natural beauty. Combine all of that with remarkable cuisine and local entertainment, and, well, you’ve got to start packing!
1. The Loire Valley – Called the “Garden of France” due to the abundance of vineyards, the Loire Valley is also noted for its magnificent chateaux, such as Chambord, Villandry, and Chenonceau.
2. Barcelona – You will experience tapas bars, surrealist art, La Rambla  and Gaudi’s famous uncompleted church- Sagrada Familia.”
3. Greek Islands – Go island hopping on the magnificent Aegean, a sea filled with sun-drenched islands, including Santorini and Mykonos.
4. China: Shanghai – Shanghai has trendy shops, teeming bazaars, interesting antiquities, and an electric night time sky best witnessed from on board a boat cruise.
5. New Zealand, North Island – Visit the home of Maori chiefs, Hawke’s Bay, birds of Cape Kidnappers, and the primeval forest.
6. India – Drive right into India’s intoxicating Delhi, and then venture on to the sublime beauty of Agra’s Taj Mahal.
7. Buenos Aires – Dance the tango to the bandoneon, the accordion-like star of the seductive dance, and experience the rugged gaucho life on the Pampas.
8. Istanbul – Visit the Grand Bazaar with 4,000 shops, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and the world famous Hagia Sofia.
9. South Africa: Cape Town – Travel from the city’s iconic Table Mountain to the rugged cliffs and wildflowers of Cape Peninsula.
10. Tahiti – Enjoy crystal blue waters, rich sea life, and the vibrant lifestyles and cuisine of the joyful Tahitian people.
11. Thailand: The Golden Triangle – You will start from a place of wooden houses, canals, and rice fields, and end up in one of Asia’s most modern and beautiful cities.
12. Kauai, Hawaii – Hawaii’s unmatched “Garden Isle” of the world is a lot more than just sun, sand, and surf!

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