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The natural beauty of these stunning locales has been preserved and protected over the centuries by their indigenous people. We are going to travel to 12 magical places to experience their splendours, and meet a few of the people who call these treasures home. These are among the most wild and unspoiled lands of our planet.

Madagascar – We explore this spectacular island – home to lemurs in its primeval forests and outrigger spear fisherman.
Namibia – We’re off to its wild west coast where elephants and endangered rhinos adapt to its rugged deserts.
Sri Lanka – We discover the magic of this emerald Island with its remote temples, reclining Buddhas and elephant workforce.
Laos – Journey back in time on the Mekong River to ancient forests, endangered gibbons, and peaceful monks.
Tasmania – Experience the incomparable beauty of this remote island with its waterfalls, uncharted forests, and extraordinary fauna.
Palau – Travel to the green rock islands of Indonesia for the hidden lagoon and world-class sea-diving in coral splendour.
Fiji – This Pacific island paradise is next with playful dolphins and kayak trips to verdant, uninhabited islands.
Belize – Eco-tour through this verdant country with its ancient Mayan ruins, dense jungles, and coastal island paradise.
Baja California – Venture to the stark peninsula where deserted beaches mix with sea lions and playful whales.
Brazil – The vastness of this luxuriant country opens to incomparable waterfalls, jaguars, and a variety of other incredible wildlife in the watery Pantanal.
Bahamas – Dive into the rich sea life surrounding the beautiful islands and shipwrecks.
Dominican Republic – View the raw beauty of old Hispaniola with lush waterfalls, ancient carvings, and incredible cave-diving.

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