4000 Miles on the Amazon


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The Amazon is one of the greatest natural phenomena on the Earth. This greatest and longest river of our planet springs high in the Peruvian Andes in an altitude of over 16,400 feet. The river basin, spanning almost 3 million square miles, represents more than 40 percent of the total area of the South American continent. Initially, the river forces its way through mountain valleys and changes its name many times before it spills out into the never ending space of the Amazon jungle.Venture along with Vladimir and Kamila Šimek onto a long sail along the Amazon. You will get to know places high in the grand Andes Mountains where the first springs, which give birth to a great major river, converge.

You will sail in a chiseled canoe through a flooded rainforest with the native, on large ships and a cargo tug. You will fly above the Amazon rainforest in a storm and to a secluded tiny village on the bank of a small river. In a Columbian reservation, you will admire the flower Victoria amazonica. You will also walk through an Amazon market in a busy metropolitan harbor and take a peek at a school directly on water.

You are awaited by a traditional fishing on a Barbasco and many other interesting encounters with exotic nature and interesting people.

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