Drop Dead Gorgeous


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Welcome to the annual Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant. Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen you will witness the best that America has to offer in young women: a sweet, innocent, young girl, one backstabbing bitch and a bunch of talentless wonders with only one thing on their minds – and that isn’t fair play.
Yes, it’s all out war on the streets of Mount Rose and unlike some of the entrants, it isn’t pretty! This is going to be one wild competition, complete with slander, theft, bribery, arson and murder – everything you want and expect from the world’s most coveted beauty contest!
Featuring an all-star cast including Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Denise Richards, Brittany Murphy, Ellen Barkin, Kirstie Alley Drop Dead Gorgeous is a high fashion, backstabbing comedy destined to be a cult classic.

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