Ford and Fordson Showcase 2006


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Country, Roadless and Muir Hill conversions of Ford Tractors join the ranks of blue machines and the largest tractor in Ireland – the mighty Ford FW60 makes its appearance.ᅠ No less than 2 Silver Jubilee Ford 7810s, Series 40 and 60 tractors as well as the latest New Holland machines, all together in one-place makes this more than just a special event.

Nearly 200 Ford and Fordson tractors converged on Cork, Ireland on the weekend of 29th & 30th April 2006 to make what was the largest single manufacturer tractor event ever held in the country.

This programme is your chance to join in the fun and witness one of the most spectacular gatherings of Ford and Fordson tractors ever seen – a totally unforgettable experience!

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