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Revisit our most loved Gardening Australia classics, featuring inaugural presenter Peter Cundall, in this limited edition Box Set.

ROSES and OPEN GARDENS: By far the most popular of flowers, roses are also easy to grow. Discover everything you need to know about the planning, pruning, cultivation, care and selection of roses, including control of common pests and diseases. Peter Cundall also journeys around Australia looking at some of the most outstanding gardens featured in the Australian open garden scheme.

COTTAGE GARDENS and PATCH FROM SCRATCH: Look no further than this practical guide to growing your own cottage garden! Explore various planting techniques and design ideas that make it easy to plan, plant and maintain a cottage garden. Peter Cundall also transforms a patch of exhausted lawn into a productive vegetable garden, yielding a cornucopia of the very freshest organic vegetables.

PERMACULTURE & ORGANIC GARDENING: Permaculture is all about finding creative solutions to living a more sustainable life by growing local organic food, reducing energy consumption, recycling waste and creating habitat for other life around us. Join Josh Byrne as he demonstrates how to create a productive permaculture garden step-by-step, in an easy-to-follow, inspirational guide that will forever change the way you garden. Features an introduction by Peter Cundall.

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