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This enthralling documentary series, filmed on location around the world, brings to life through superb dramatic reconstructions, the stories of the most famous Pirates in history.
From Black Beard and Captain Kidd to the state sponsored piracy of Drake, Columbus and Cortez, Pirates investigates the legends, myths and realities of the enigmatic rogues of the high seas.

1: On the Pirate Wind: The golden age of Piracy – the legends and the facts about the most notorious pirates, from Black Beard to Sir Francis Drake.
2: The Barbary Corsairs: Islamic Pirates terrorise South West England.
3: Pirates and Privateers: Columbus, Cortez & Sir John Hawkins conquer and plunder the New World
4: Women Pirates: The story of Mary Read and Ann Bonny and their eventual downfall.
5: The Buccaneers: The infamous cruelty of Captain Morgan and his crew of runaway slaves, the scourge of the Spanish in the West Indies.
6: Pirates of the Pacific: Sir Francis Drake secretly departs for the Pacific to loot Spanish Galleons with Queen Elizabeth 1stムs blessing.
7: Black Hearts ヨ Black Ivory: Pirates and the Slave Trade
8: The Gift of Piracy: The stories of – Scotsman Captain William Kidd, one of the most famous but unsuccessful pirates of all time and Welshman “Black Bart”, an honest slaver who discovered a talent for piracy in later life.

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