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Find out how our body works and what the future promises;
Battling The Bugs – penicillin, immunology – winning the battle against disease.
The Codebreakers – Crick & Watson, the double helix, DNA, genetic engineering, cloning and the future.
See-Through – Curie, X-Rays, ECT, CAT scans, ultrasound, brain scanning.
Impulse – the secrets of the nervous system, how the brain works.
In The Blood – diet and lifestyle, blood groups, insulin, the aspirin miracle.
PLUS – The Story of Nobel the man – inventor of dynamite and force for peace.
DVD Features; Instant access to Chapters, Freeze Frame and bookmarking.
Medical breakthroughs that changed the world. Nobels Greatest Hits Explained. 100 years of medical breakthroughs made clear as never before. “Nutshells” of information crammed with graphics, film & detail.

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